neilsthepoet blog: April 2005

Friday, April 29, 2005

I watered my garden today

I watered my garden today

I stood out on the back deck
And let fly with the hose
I did some good
I did some harm who knows

The fire flys were flying
The dogs stood off to the side
I listened to some ZZ Top
Man there just ain't no easy ride

3:39 pm

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Isn't it enough

Isn't it enough

To find something in your heart
That burns with a fire
To draw out the truth
With a challenge to the liars

To find yourself real love
Find yourself a real connection
To get your soul compass workin
And let it lead you your direction

Isn't it enough

To fly into the wind
Uplift into the sky
To see the miracles
Already before your eyes

Isn't it enough

To breathe the soft night air
And look into a garden green
Isn't a flower a flower
Isn't it enough that it was seen

10:08 pm
transcribed this time
12:08 am

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I would

I would kill you

I would beat you blind
I would foot sweep you down
Because I hate your kind

I'd jump on your chest
And pound your face
I'd leave your blood
All over the place

I'd break your limbs
Dislocate your joints
I'd make damn sure
You got the point

You're weak and mouthy
And think taunting is fun
But you'd change that opinion
Before I was done

I'd rip out your throat
I'd break your knees
I'd grin in your face
As you begged please

You are less than nothing
You're neither love or hate
You're just taking up space
On this train ride to fate

You're rude crude and screwed
From being twisted up inside
You have absolutely no shame
And no reason for having any pride

But still you mock belittle and demean
That's where you start begin and end
And I know you can't stop
Till you're teeth are bashed in

You're the puss from the wound
You're the jaundized eye
You can't help what you are
You just need to die

12:02 am
note of disclaimer
for legal purposes
no actual harm is meant toward
any particular wuss toy boy
who seeks to employ all their new coy ploys

transcribed this time
12:33 am

Monday, April 25, 2005



Let us carry on

Let us dream our dreams
Let them be there to inspire
Let them not be to hinder
Any others creativity or desire

Let us bring the flame on
Let us sing this song of blood
For those who the sun has honored
For those who've crawled through mud

Let us carry on

For the explorers
For the journeyers into night
For all the lovers out there
Who see in each others eyes a light

And for all the lonely souls
Whose hearts are not of stone
But find a wry harmony in knowing
That there are worse things

Than being with the truth alone

2:04 pm
transcribed this time
3:17 pm

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The sentinel

The sentinel

A dark brooding silence
Falls over the gate
A gasping dying creature
Lay accepting its fate

A sentinel stands guard
As if turned to stone
Sensing more than seeing
A being all alone

While time unfolds arms
A cold pallor creeps in
Rigid anticipation relaxes
A macabre perversity begins

Fills the silver chalice
Laying by its side
A deep dark red liquid
Sickeningly sweetly confides

Ghostly reference to ghastly
Sepulchers for consecration
A sort of a muted obsequious
Nod toward dim elation

Pray down at the netherworld
Pray at the voices heard
But all the sounds of flapping
Are not of light winged birds

About 1993
transcribed this time
1:40 am
transcribed this time
1:45 am

I am

I am

I am the lightning and the thunder
I am the sunshine and the sky
I am the child of wonder
Who still often asks why

I am the rain and flowers
I am the heat of the day
I am the mystery in the late night hours
The magic in the words you say

I am the love of the world
I am a single grain of sand
I am all that is present
When one truly says I am

9:34 pm
transcribed this time
9:56 am

Monday, April 18, 2005

Two wheels and an attitude

Two wheels and an attitude

Art is in the beauty of the moment
Art is in the flesh blood muscle and bone
Art is standing naked before the sun
With a message of truth from the hearts home

It is in the tear drops that fall for sadness
It is in the tear drops that fall for joy
It is in that first awkward ecstatic time
We danced together as young girls and boys

It is in that mad run on wet spring grass
It is the heat of the day warming the skin
Art is in the essence of how we all come to end
But it is also there where we begin

Art might be an orange rose by a woman's porch
A ride on a motorcycle with the wind in your hair
It might be just parking that thing for a while
And simply enjoying being anywhere

8:17 pm
transcribed this time
8:23 pm

The old decaying mansion

The old decaying mansion
Of self dellusion creakingly stands


This house of denial is made up of many rooms
Made up of many excuses and meanderings
There's alway space enough for one more nit pic
Or some new sick trick to pass off pandering

This is where all the worshipers of denial live with
Their absolute self justication of any insulting remark
Their absolute authority to proclaim what is right
Like roaches crawling around in their preferred dark

Not many coherent sounds come from the broken doors
The structure is in need of vital necessary repair
The tattered curtains blow in and out of the windows
But no one leaves no one dares to risk the fresh air

There is a foul stench of unreviewed thoughts wafting
There are cracks in the opinions carved in stone
How wretched and wrenched around do you have to be
To claim something like this as your home

But make no mistake with the impulse to pity
This is ground upon which one does not draw too near
This is where desperation mixes with dust mold and rot
This is where the ghoulish feed off the dying body of fear

12:37 pm
transcribed this time
12:56 pm

Friday, April 15, 2005

I don't know

I don't know what it is
You want from me

Do you want me to roll over on my back
And put my legs in the air in complete submission
Do you think I ought to apologize in case some one
Misinterpreted by their own thought ommission

Do you want me to get down on my knees at the
Hint of any female disapproval regardless of cause
Do you think I ought to shakingly flinch at the
Slightist movement toward anyone bearing their claws

I don't know know what it is
You want from me

I can not remove from you all lingering doubt
Somethings have to be done by oneself
Somethings are unto each their own soul journey
And not up to what we think of someone else

As for me....

I'm just dancing out here in the sky and rain
I'm just running with wolves out in the hills
I'm just out here howling at the moon
For all the thrills kills

and female dangerous ones
That know the primitiveness it takes
To give one of our kinds heart the chills

9:43 pm
transcribed this time
10:12 pm

Ahhhh but some women

Some women in my life have
Actually been angels in my eyes
Creatures who with their own unique magic
Freed me from my bondage of lies

Some women in my life have
Been a succubus no mercy no joke
Their only intent was to do harm
To break my heart and leave me broke

Some women have written lines
That have caused my whole world to smile
Lifted up my day with their inspiration
And did it with their strong willed style

Some women are in search of truth
Of beauty and loyalty and soul
And I wish them the appropriate strength
It takes to get there

Be it by humility or being bold

7:14 pm

You don't seem to like me very much .. she said

Not me...

All women are saints all day long
All women are angels spreading their wings
All women never have any bad intentions
And only songs of truth and beauty do they sing

All women are tender and forgiving
And never scheme to deceive and undermine
All women are pure in every aspect of living
And have always been that way through all time

All women are healers and lovers
All women never lie cheat and steal
All women are interested in is love
And how to make a wounded heart heal

All women are the same
Not some are good and some bad
And if you think something like that
Well then that's because you're the cad

You're the one with issues
You're the bigoted one
Yeah if you don't know that
Then that just show's that

You're the one who's dumb

4:56 pm
transcribed this time
10:06 pm

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Greetings or farewells


Does everybody leave everybody
Does clover have small flowers
As yellow as the sun behind the
Clouds that bring spring showers

Do lowquats have smooth seeds
That slip across the tongue
Why do we have to get old
Why can't we always be young

Is river grass lush and green
Are ash leaves suddenly there
As fresh life renewingly emerges
A fragrance fills the air

The lemon blossom beckons
Senses ambrosially satiate
Intoxicating the passerby
With another version of fate

Does asparagus have blooms
Delicately interspaced
Inside a light brush of green
As fine as any lace

Do roadside daisys sway
As you crest the hill
Greetings or farewells
Are they waving still

about 1994
transcribed this time
1:15 pm