neilsthepoet blog: April 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

7th Heaven

We'll drink some more wine
We'll do some more nasty things
We'll fight the good fight
Till even midnight rings

With the tales of madness
And exploits mightily done
We'll raise our swords in toast
To the morning sun

Shining from our weary bodies
And perspirations palpable mist
With heavily lidded eyes
We'll ask....

Is there anything we missed

Is not this new world
Ours to share and rule
Are we not each others knights
Kings and Queens and fools

But the day waits not long
And holds an equal pace
For the frowns of our austerity
Or our loving grace

So we cynch ourselves
Into or saddles girth
And gather up the strength
All freeworlders have from birth

We have steel for the sorrows
Our riding's hard but real
The dust of all tommorows
Flys off our steed's heals

another song
read on the back patio
of some long ago now non existant
book store
on South Alamo Street
about 1993
what nights....
what inspiration
How do you write so much
How do you stay so inspired

Are you kidding
There's enough inspiration out here
To kill you now-a-days
transcribed this time
9:05 pm