neilsthepoet blog: March 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006

It's too late

It's ok..........

I'd still drag you out of a field
under fire..

I don't have all the explanations
I just have an instinct

And I don't know why
But I think it's going to be ok....

I have faith
I have heart and soul
It's too late I already like you
Because you're the kind

That'll never always do
Merely what you are told

6:05 pm
transcribed this time
12:26 pm

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Ax

I will
If nobody else will

Pick up my ax

And crash it into your shoulder
Cut right through your collar bone
Openly expose your chest cavity
And see if you’ve got a heart at home

At the end of a long day

Of taking care of shelter
And one of my favorite steeds
I’ve still got time for slaughter
Time for one more bloody deed

To hunt you down by your tracks

And put an end to the pain
Of what it means to have no dreams
To have no name in the red flames
To sound like some kind of burbling stream

That incoherently offers up the way you pray

Arrogantly presenting a challenge
Casting degradation like some boy
But these pens and swords and other tools
Are not all used as toys

I will
If nobody else will

Pick up my ax
At the end of a long day
To hunt you down by your tracks
That incoherently offer up the way you pray

And answer not in kind
With comments and common negativities
But with a flash that takes out the trash
Such as is your life and its uttered inanities

7:58 pm
written over a few days